Thursday, November 11, 2010

My NOT to Do List

SITS activity number 2:  write a list post in 10 minutes.


I am fairly certain that everyone reading this has made a To Do list at one time or another.  Whether you've lived up to it or not is a different thing entirely.  Some people like to keep a running list, prioritized, with whatever is unfinished at the end of the day rolling over to the next day's list.  Not me.  I like to finish everything on my list; I'm kind of maniacal about it.

Since I've been unwell, I have had to alter my To Do lists.  Sometimes there is just one thing on it for a day.  And I get so frustrated by my inability to complete a real list.

So today, to honor myself and all others who may be struggling to check off their entire lists, I offer a Do Not list.  Some of these will be a little tricky to accomplish, but I have faith in myself.  And in you.  Please accept the challenge to check off everything on this list.

   * Turn stupid, irritating people into frogs.  No, none of them.
   * Throw rocks at your children's heads no matter how much eye rolling they give you.
   * Shoot, eviscerate, and roast on a spit the neighbor's eternally barking dog.
   * Use mind control on people to get what you want; it's just not nice.
   * Accept the nomination for President of the United States (or any other country).
   * Spike your family's food with a sedative so that you can get more sleep.
   * Walk on the ceiling just to prove that you are stronger than the earth's gravity.
   * Stage a military coup to overthrow the government.
   * Use a fire hose to clean your house by blowing it all out the back door.
   * Burn the house down as an alternative to cleaning it.
   * Travel to Mars just to prove that Martians are not green.  (They are red, duh.)
   * Reveal your secret identity.
   * Follow the rainbow and steal the Leprechaun's gold; again, not nice.
   * Create a clone of yourself so that you can rest while she works.
   * Take over the world.  (That will have to wait for another day, Pinky.)



FAVORITE. POST. EVER. Love this, My Dear Friend. LOVE IT.

LBDDiaries said...

This was GREAT but you RUINED it for me when you took away the only thing that was on my to-do list today - "Use a fire hose to clean your house by blowing it all out the back door." Guess I'll go lay on the couch and watch sappy movies!

DarthBillgr said...

I have also completed your list. Though someone turned me into a fog today.

The person who doesn't deserve you.

Sherri said...

only one thing on this list that i can't mark off... the secret identity thing... oh well! great idea - more motivating than a to-do list!

Lisa said...

Did you know I actually think about throwing rocks at peoples heads? I am SO glad i am not alone.

Unknown said...

What a great spin on the never ending "To Do" list. The sedatives and clones sound awfully nice.

Scott & Luann said...

Hey, i have about half of those items on my "i wish i could do it" list ... :)

Bre And Drew said...

LOVE it! But you may have to fly to mars to prove the true color of Martians. I'm not sold on red...

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

This is fabulous! I'll think of it every time I make my own "to do" list and hopefully it will make me smile as I confront the tasks ahead!

Anonymous said...

oh this is awesome^^ Burning down the house would be an amazing alternative.

and while taking over the world has to wait for another day we can spend our time with learning this by heart *lol*:

MaggieJo said...

they're pinky, they're pinky and the brain brain brain narf! haha, thanks, haven't thought about them in a long time. you thinkin what I'm thinking? Yeah, but how we going to get the pencil from the pig?

dawn said...

To repsond to your comments on my blog...
Yes- SIX's hand will heal, eventually, and we are thankful surgery was averted.
Yes- my Veteran's Day post does bring a tear to the eye... even mine and wrote the darn thing... every time it's read. And that is as it should be. As they should be, because without the sacrifices of those ordinary extraordinary men and women, including the children and the elderly so thoughtlessly and cruelly killed by Hitler and his henchmen... what chance would we have at a world fit to live in?

And this Not To Do list of yours...
I so wanted to sedate the kids AND then throw rocks at their heads but alas... not today.

Hope your day is fun anyway...:)

bookjunkie said...

Genious list :)