Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Little Housekeeping

No, I'm not going to write about housekeeping.  If you thought that, you really don't know me.

I just want to let people know what is coming up on my blog.  I generally steer clear of conducting business on my blog, but I don't want people to misunderstand.

I have a lot of followers who aren't bloggers.  People who follow me because they know me and like me.  Or my train wreck of a life is entertaining.  Whatever.  I want to clear some things up for them.  Because if there's one thing I've learned in the past year that I've been blogging it's that blogland has it's own set of guidelines and it's own language.

Now if you know me, you know that I'm not a stickler for following the rules.  Commandments and laws, yes.  Societal rules and expectations, not so much.

So as I've been adjusting to this new blog world, I've picked and chosen which rules I'd live by.  I've avoided a bunch of the everybody does it areas.  Because they weren't me.  And if I can't be me on my blog then I won't play anymore.  I'll take my ball and go home.

But I have participated in a few things.  One of those is a blogging community called SITS.  It's all about developing yourself as a blogger and connecting up with other bloggers.  It's about supporting each other.

Truthfully, I've boycotted a bunch of the activities they do.  Just not my thing.  But this month they are all about writing.  It's Content is King month.  That's something I can get on board with.

In particpating in this event, I am choosing to do several of the suggested activities -- all with my flavor.  I will do two of them here and one on my other blog (heavier topic).  That's this week.  Who knows what next week will bring?

The focus for this week is Finding Your Voice.  I think this is something I'm generally pretty good at.  But I usually pick my topics.  Doing this with someone else's prompts may be a challenge.

This month is all about improved writing, so I am throwing out an open invitation.  If you have feedback for me, please share it.  If you see things I could improve on, please tell me.  I'm open.  I promise we'll still be friends afterward.

On with the challenge.


Cheryl D. said...

Good for you! I've done SITS' other activities but will probably sit this one out. They gave some really good pointers and topics today though!

Running Circles said...

Honestly, I think you have your voice down pretty well. I'm still struggling to find mine, but it isn't that important to me at this moment. I look forward to reading what you write and good luck!

Sherri said...

how cool! the writing thing is such a, oh i don't know... thing. you are good at it. i've never done the SITS stuff... i stay away from give aways and reviews and all that other junk. i just want to write... and i too am a minimalist... i look forward to reading more!

Kazzy said...

Yeah, I like coming up with my own topics, but the idea of getting writing prompts sounds like a great exercise. Good luck.

Just Another Person said...

I like that you play by your own rule and don't care about societal expectation. I don't like expectation either. That's part of why I chose to live outside of Japan because they have a lot of that there. Your writing is very honest and I really enjoy reading your blog posts. I feel like you are very true to yourself and the words are from somewhere very deep within you. I appreciate your kind comments on my place too. I really look forward to you writing more. Keep up the good work.

MaggieJo said...

I love you voice and especially your honesty. Also I'm a math lady so I can't say much about improved writing. But I have talked with you often and you have a happy demeanor, even though I think sometimes it is a "I'm around people, I will smile" act, I enjoy it. I wish sometimes you would put that in your writing. Mix up the honesty with happiness, even if not felt at the moment. I will never forget your post about loving people. It touched me. There I said it, I feel silly saying it and want to delete it but feel that I shouldn't. Take it or leave.

Dawnelle said...

You asked, so I'll tell ya. I'm the opposite of Maggie. If you're going to post a tragedy, let it be a tragedy. (I'm using that word strictly in the literary sense. Your life is NOT a tragedy.) If you're sad and need to write it out, do it. Don't put a curve ball in at the end of a "but I'll smile because I have to". I think in that way you'd be more true to your voice. Either we, as readers, can take it or we can't. That's our problem. On the other hand, please be sure to write the happy stuff in your life. It's good to acknowledge and very encouraging to others.---Now you DID promise we'd still be friends, right?

Anonymous said...

Love it! I hear you - there are soooo many blog communities out there that it's so darn confusing! I recently did a "housekeeping" of my own - updated my site, etc... like you - it's MY BLOG - I respect others and that's all that matters really...

I'll have to check out SITS! Sounds like I could definitely get some good/needed advice from it!

Thanks for sharing it - and by the way - I LOVE the way you write - honestly - it's truthful - it's honest - you don't hold anything back - and you're sincere. You call bullsh*t when needed too and I love it! :)

Keep up your excellent blog - I look forward to reading it as long as you're writing it! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey - it's me again :) I THINK If fixed my e-mail issue - IF you feel like it - would you mind checking it out to see if it works - you don't have to type anything but "test" - then I'll know what it's about and that it's working... I'm glad you brought it to my attention.

Christine :)

Katy said...

Hey Robin! I am hoping that when you wrote "The train wreck that is my life" that you were writing tongue in cheek?

How could a train wreck be responsible for so many good things that you have accomplished? Not the least of which is five amazing kids!

I love ya, Robin. I love your writing, too! And you are always SO supportive to others (read "me" lol). Keep up the "therapeutic writing" on your exciting, challenging, and successful life!