Tangled Art

I started tangling November 22, 2013.  Here, I will share my efforts along the way.  Some from my sketchbook, some from a coloring book I created for my family and friends, and some more formal completed tangles.


This was the first time I put pen to paper to try out this new Zentangle thing.

Also done on my first day tangling.  Who doesn't love a good paisley?

Created that first day but still a favorite of mine.  Draw a random string and make something out of it.

First time I tried shading.  I had no idea what I was doing and it shows.

In the beginning, I was just voraciously learning patterns.  It didn't occur to me to note the names or where I found them.

Also still one of my favorites.  Absolutely no shading or variation in line thickness.  I've since thought about going back and making this prettier, but I decided not to.  Once I decide it's done, I try to leave it alone.  That way, it illustrates the progress I've made.

This is the first one that made my family say, "Ooo!"

This is my favorite!  And there's a sneaky little detail added for Harry Potter fans.

This is called a mono tangle because it uses just one pattern over and over.  I'd seen variations on this multiple times and thought it looked beautiful but so complicated.  Please trust me when I tell you it is incredibly simple.  The shading is what really brings it to life.

I love this one.  It looks very space age-y to me.

This is my least favorite.  I wanted to try out the Fuzzy String pattern, but soon realized it wasn't strong enough to support the weight of the piece.  I tried to keep all the other elements light, but that loop in the upper right just wouldn't cooperate.  I didn't like the way it looked when I started so adjusted until I liked just that element.  But by the time it was finished it was too heavy for the rest of the piece.  Live and learn.

I'm not sure if this one is finished or not.  It started out as an attempt at a zen garden.  I soon realized I needed to look at more pictures of zen gardens before I tried it again.  I think the overall design is fine independent of that.

Coloring Pages:

Cover design inspired by Zendoodle Colouring Book, by Joanne Waring.

Original design by Jo in NZ.  My rendition used here with her gracious permission.

String idea inspired by Zendoodle Colouring Book, by Joanne Waring.

Frame idea inspired by (still hunting for the original).

Copied from a quilting pattern I found online (still trying to find it again for attribution).

Main five-armed creature and eye inspired by (still hunting for original).

Finished/Formal Tangles:

First tangle created as a gift at the request of a friend (blogged about here and here).  The skull is from an album cover for The Grateful Dead.

My vision canvas for 2014.



Consie @ AtopSerenityHill.com said...

Love the idea of creating a coloring book! My favorite is your vision canvas, probably because it is personal to you. Happy weekend! Found you at SITS.

BlackScorpio said...

Your colouring book is a great idea! I like the style of your artwork... Big, bold, pleasant and open designs.

Anonymous said...

I love your vision canvas!

Anonymous said...

...I use to do that stuff years ago, had no idea it actually has a name.