About the Author

I'm a mess. I admit it.  I'm a work in progress.  While I fix one thing, something else is usually falling apart.  The day I realized I'd never be done, I'd never overcome everything -- and I wasn't meant to -- was a great day. 

I love writing. I do this for me. For my own mental health. For healing.  For my sanity.  To get rid of some of the stuff in my head in an attempt to find a moment of peace.  And as I write things out I find answers I didn't know I had.  Things make more sense.  Blogging has helped me learn and grow in a way nothing else has.

Don't get me wrong; I love followers. But only sincere ones. If you like how I write or what I say, follow me. If you follow me because you feel some obligation or in the hopes that I'll follow you back, thanks but no thanks.  If I like someone's blog, I'll follow. If not, I won't. Pretty simple formula, huh?

I'm also not very good at the conversation part of blogging.  I write a post and send it out into the universe and wish it well.  I love getting comments but haven't done well responding and carrying on the discussion.  I keep thinking I should do better at this, but I still haven't.

I am no-nonsense and very direct. 

My blog is all about the writing.  I don't use pictures, I don't do giveaways, I don't do product or book reviews.  For a little more on what my blog isn't, check this out.

I write essay style posts about life.  About what's in my head.  About my analysis of the universe.  About people who tick me off.  About the things that are making me crumble.

I have two other blogs.  The Difficult Things is primarily about mental health.  The things that drove me to therapy.  The mental illnesses in my life and in my family.  I try to say the things that others are afraid to talk about.  I want others to know that they are not alone, that difficult things happen to all of us, and that they can find a way back to who they really are.  I Walk in Faith . . . Believing is about my faith.  Spritual thoughts and/or experiences I want to share.  As I continue to heal in therapy I hope to one day merge all of these together.  I find myself needing the separate blogs less as I grow, having a greater willingness to share all of who I am with everyone.  I'm trying to put all the pieces together.

I joined Twitter a while ago.  I still don't use it the way skilled tweeters do.  I tweet when I have a new post.  I sometimes tweat an interesting life happening.  For a while I was tweeting a thought on kindness every day.  My tweets are mostly directed out; I still don't really do the interactive thing.  I don't know how and have other priorities.  You are welcome to follow me there, of course (@misssrobin -- that has three esses).  I may or may not ever take the time to use it properly.  I'll probably get on board just as it becomes passe.

I also created a Facebook page for The Mess that is My Life.  And . . . that's about where it ended.  It exists but I only really add anything there when I write a new blog post.  You could still go there and like it so I feel popular.  But if you really want to follow me on Facebook you might want to choose my personal page, Robin Reed Grosland.  There's a lot more happening over there.

If you'd like to find out a little bit more about the mess behind the madness (or learn about my family and see some more pictures), check out my About the Mess page.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you find something here you like.