Monday, March 22, 2010

The Tease of Spring

It's spring!  No, it's not.  It's spring!  No, it's not.  It's spring!

But is it really?

According to the calendar, yes, it's finally spring.  And for all those who eagerly anticipate her arrival it's a day to rejoice.  The long, cold, dark winter is finally over.

But we all know that spring's arrival doesn't come like the flipping of a switch; one day it's cold and the next day it's warm for good.  Here in Utah, spring is a tease.  She knows we are waiting.  She knows the power she holds over our minds and bodies.  So she teases us.

Usually some time in late February we have a glorious spring day (yes, I know it's not really spring; I'm talking about perception here).  Maybe we have two or three in a row.  It feels so good to be warm.  Everything thaws.  Maybe we take the opportunity to get something done in the yard, a little winter clean up.  We walk around like we are in control because we don't even need a jacket.  Some brave souls even venture to try shorts.

Then we are slammed with another snow storm!  Cold and more cold.  Back to the coat instead of the sweater.  Back inside.

But spring is not done with her little dance, so a few weeks later we get another false spring.  She is totally toying with us and our emotions, but we give in and succumb to her lure.  We buy it.  We revel in it.  For a few days.

And then it hits again.  It seems like this storm is worse.  It's like winter knows his time is almost past, so he has to give us one more big show.

But it is truly spring's turn on the stage.  So she gets to decide when to push him off.  She's here again.  But will she stay?

There's a rule around here that it's not really safe to trust spring until after Memorial Day, at least not if you are a gardener.  There is still a good chance of another freeze.

But for now, I'll take it.  I'll trust her.  I'll welcome her.  I'll sit in my sun-warmed car and let her melt my bones.  I'll throw on a light jacket or sweater and sit out on my lawn chair and read in the sun.  I'll watch the daffodils push their way out of the ground to offer her their worship.

And if she fools me again, I'll be okay.  Because it's only a matter of time.  While she likes to tease, spring is too much the diva to give up the stage for long.  She'll be back soon and she'll put on a fabulous show.

And I'll be watching.


Luann said...

The back and forth, warm and cold, is one of the things I love about spring. I happily welcome her. Indecisiveness and all. :)

Jessica Grosland said...

I had that realization today while I was walking to school. I thought, "It is a lovely day. That's nice." And I moved on. But then sudden comprehension slammed into me and I gasped, eyes wide. What if it STAYS spring this time?

After all of this anticipation, I don't know if I'm ready for it to have arrived already. It feels almost anticlimactic to me.

Kazzy said...

With all of the sneezing in this house, I know of a person or two not thrilled about Spring. But I like it.

The world wakes up, then pulls the covers back up, then peeks out again, and then finally, after hitting the snooze a handful of times, decides to get up for good.

Katy said...

Even though I really struggle with winter and am so glad when it is over, spring just can't be my favorite season for this very reason! I do not like tricksters! Spring is way too unreliable and she lets me down too often!

I am looking forward to the regularness of summer!

K and D Roylance said...

There is that time in spring and fall when it is simply perfect, not to cool, not too warm. At one end of the spectrum, green peeking out, at the other, color fading away. I love either time. The on again off again, simply offers variety. I guess I also prefer the mild over the extremes of either hot or cold.

Anonymous said...

I totally know what you mean. 0_o I kind of like it about Utah... in some ways. Perhaps God is trying to satisfy all the prayers. ("Please make it Spring" and "PLEASE keep the snow a little longer so I can go sledding one more time!") Some people are silly. ;) But yes, I've finally given in to spring. :) I'll take full advantage of the joy warm air brings to my soul...

I'm going to need it for finals. ;)

Dona said...

It is simply impossible to know how to dress this time of year.