Monday, March 1, 2010

Game On, Girlfriend!

There is something truly magical about ladies' game night.

These became a part of my life many years ago, when my kids were still young.  A few friends and I discovered that we shared a common interest in board games.  Our lives were crazy busy.  But somehow, we found a way.

With much planning, scheduling, and sometimes begging we each arranged for a night off duty.  I can't tell you how much that meant at that time.  And it still means a lot.  A night when everyone you are with will be reponsible for herself.  No worries, just play!

Each game night is different.  We play at different homes.  Different people come.  We play different games.  Sometimes we talk more than we play.  But one thing is the same.  Every time.  It feeds my soul.

With no fragile male egos to get in the way, the dynamics of games change.  While we still trash talk (in a very toned down, not at all serious, way), we also rejoice in each others' successes.  We laugh at each other and at ourselves.  We can get fiercely competetive one minute and console each other the next.

And the biggest difference from those game nights with the guys -- we talk.  And talk.  And talk.  About anything and everything.  We talk about potty training and gardening.  We talk about religion and politics.  We talk about parenting and marital struggles.  But more importantly, we listen.  We listen to each other.  We commiserate.  And we love.  We love each other freely, even in the midst of battle.

Cliche' though it may be, there is power in the sisterhood of women.  And I am grateful for my sistas -- thanks for hangin' in the hood with me.


Kazzy said...

Girl powah! Sorry I had to miss it. I am always in the mood for some gaming and some girl time, and when they come together it is pure bliss. Completely an accidental pun about Joey (Bliss). LOL

Dona said...

It was a very good night for me. Let's do it again soon. If we have game night at my house next time maybe Kazzy will come up with a pun using my last name. I am having some Perudo withdrawals.

Kazzy said...

I have no idea what Perudo is, but I am up for it! And puns about your name, Dona? Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Pelifico, Pelifico!!! When do we get to do it again? I think we should make up another game where you have to yell out words like "Pelifico" and "Perudo" at random times. And maybe even some more puns on our names. (we missed you kazzy!)

joey said...

I clearly don't even know how to sign my own name on a comment! I'll set a goal...but you knew it was me right?