Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Fallacy of Getting Organized -- Smartly

I have a new essay up today over at Smartly.  I tackle The Fallacy of Getting Organized.  I don't think it's the cure-all some people think it is.   You should check it out.


Kelly Latour said...

I love it! It really is crazy how many times I have said most of those excuses.
I am paring stuff down right now, getting ready to move into a new home and deciding that there are tons of things that don't need to come with us. It's crazy that I moved it across the country but I did a big purge then too. If that' not a sign of too much I don't know what is!

I do think a good budget and sticking with the plan will help with money. It may be the fact that my Dad is an accountant and budgeting has been drilled into my head (we were taught how to budget our $2 allowances...) It doesn't magically create more money but it will show me how much my daily Starbucks run impacts the bank account.

Towanda said...

Definitely, when it comes to stuff--less is more. Too much stuff just makes everything confusing.

Nice article Robin!

Jessica Grosland said...

I really liked that one, Mom. Truly. It made me think, but it wasn't overstated or melodramatic. I'm glad I read it.

April said...

I'm visiting from SITS! Nice to "meet" you! I'm looking forward to reading your essay...have a good one!

Serene said...

Very useful essay. Thank you!

(I remember reading recently somewhere the advice that went something like this: "When you start to think, 'I worked hard today, so I deserve this expensive lunch out' or something like that, tell yourself instead, 'I work hard, so I deserve to put that money away and invest in my future.'" It seems like obvious advice, but it's helped me get financial sanity.

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

So true! I've been doing a serious stuff/commitment/etc. purge as part of a project, and I'm amazed at how much smoother my life is running and how much cleaner my house stays. It's like ditching some of the stuff made everything easier!