Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Gladly Feast on Those Who Would Subdue Us

It's here!  It's here!  I can't believe it; it's finally here!  It's the most magical time of year!  It's Octoboween!  Huzzah!

There aren't many things that get me truly excited, and I am usually very frugal in my use of exclamation points, but this is wonderful!

Octoboween is a tradition at our house, a time when we join together in our celebration of the macabre.  And it makes me incredibly happy.

The gist of Octoboween is that we watch a Halloween movie every day.  But there are so many great films to choose from that we frequently watch more than one.  This year I was so excited in anticipation that I started watching a few mid-September.

I wrote about this tradition last year.  As October approached and I felt inclined to write about it again, I started to ask myself why Halloween is my favorite time of the year.  Have you ever tried to explain why you like something?  It can be tough.  But I'll try.

There's the glory of the cooling weather and the changing leaves.  There's the fact that my grandmother's birthday is in October, and she was my favorite person in the whole world.  There's football.  But those things are just part of the spell.

To me, Halloween is a time to play.  It's a time to be mischievous, to be sneaky.  There is something about the ability to laugh at danger, and death, and things that are frightening that can make us feel powerful.  Plus, there is something fun about doing things that make others shake their heads and doubt our sanity.

I'm not a big decorator.  The only reason anything gets put up for Christmas is because my kids insist on it and do all the work.  I don't even do much for Halloween.  But there will be a few touches. 

There will be a big, black swath of fabric draped above my front porch.  There will be a stuffed, rubber rat the size of a large cat in my living room.  And my living room is already pumpkin orange, so the mood is kind of preset.

I'm not sure why the macabre is so fun for me.  It has been for as long as I can remember.  I grew up on Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price.  I grew up watching Thriller Theater every Saturday afternoon.  I grew up telling horror stories.  I grew up loving the strange and spooky.

I love scaring people and getting scared.  Not the startling "BOO!" kind when someone sneaks up on you.  I like the scaring that is like a beautiful dessert.  It takes time.  There is a recipe to it, many details.  And after preparing it slowly and lovingly and carefully, I savor it!

No, we don't eat people.  My title comes from Morticia Addams.  It's the Addams' family motto.  One that we have adopted for our own.  Don't worry.  We're just playing.


Rubye Jack said...

Halloween gives us the chance to dress up and be someone, or something, else for a night. This in itself is fun and always makes people laugh, and laughing is a good thing. It's my favorite time also.

Jessica Grosland said...

I think Halloween carries the feeling of magic. That's why I like it. All the spooky stories, the creepy costumes, the earth in decay . . . it just feeds the mood of the supernatural. And I LOVE feeling like something's going on that can't be explained by science.

Octoboween. I'll admit, sometimes I've thought you were a bit geeky with that tradition. But now I find myself missing it desperately. I listened to the entirety of Nightmare Before Christmas on my mp3 player today, and thought of you guys. It made me feel better.

MaggieJo said...

I love halloween. Can't explain it. I obsess over customs. We could be this, we could be that.... Maybe because it gives me a chance to put my creative frugalness to work. I don't know. I just love it.

Bonnie said...

I love hearing about what people like and why. I'm not a fan of scary, probably because close to about my third birthday I turned 40. Downfall of being a "sober child." But it's really fun to hear why you like scary, and I can appreciate that laughing in the face of intimidating things is empowering. My reaction is to narrow my eyes and turn one shoulder toward it and take it down, but there's nothing particularly fun in that. I like what you do. I like that you've chosen a playful way to take on the world's darkness.

WhisperingWriter said...

Halloween rocks.

I love all the candy that comes with it.

Glenn said...

Hey Robin, remember that day in Seminary when we went to the early morning Devotional where Brother Christensen was talking about the power of music? He played music to show how it affects our emotions. He put on the theme music to Jaws and epafyer it played for a few seconds I grabbed you to scare you and you screamed. That was pretty cool! (Brother Christensen used it to reinforce what he was speaking about.)

Was that one of those delicious scorings of which you wrote?

misssrobin said...

No, Glenn. For me that would be one of those "Boo!" moments. For you, I'm sure it was a delicious moment though.

And, yes, I remember. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.