Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm in Love!

I am in love -- that uncontrollable, undeniable, can't concentrate, obsessed, just-want-to-be-with-them, always-thinking-of-them kind of love.

And *sh* don't tell, but I'm not talking about my husband. 

(Okay, kind of.)

I'm talking about people.  People of all shapes and sizes.  All personality types.  All colors.  All walks of life.  The more, the better.

And I know that the phrase "in love" is generally used to describe romantic love but, with the English language being so imprecise, I've got to use what I've got.  And saying that I love people just doesn't cut it.  It's not powerful enough.

I am in awe of them.  I want to bask in their presence.  I want to soak up whatever it is that's emanating from their souls.

I don't get star-struck in the traditional sense.  I have no desire to meet famous people just because they are famous.  But there are people who come into my life, people who sometimes don't even know I'm watching them, that floor me.

And there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why I admire them.  Sometimes they have been through hard times and come out stronger and better.  Sometimes they are in the middle of hard times and are willing to show their pain.  And sometimes they make a comment that exhibits a depth of character that I didn't know was there.

Sometimes it's their mind.  They talk about things on a different level and invite me to come along.  They challenge me to be more; and I want to.

Sometimes it's in their voice.  They speak with tenderness and a reverence that reminds me that I am from a higher place.  That there are angels with me.

Sometimes it's their smile.  It's not just a beautiful smile.  It's warm and inviting.  It's like hot chocolate.  Some people have a hot chocolate smile that they share with those they meet in this cold winter world.

Sometimes it's in their handshake, as they look deep into your eyes and their eyes say that you are wonderful.  They've seen your soul and wholeheartedly approve.

Sometimes it's in their hug.  A hug that gives and receives at the same time.  It makes you feel powerful.  It makes you feel humble.  It makes you feel you are more than before.

And sometimes it's in watching how they interact with others.  It's amazing what you can learn about a person just by watching them.

Those who inspire me the most, who give the most to me, are those whose souls are open.  They are secure in themselves spirit and body and want to share and grow together.  And they aren't frightened if I openly love and admire them.

They are everywhere.  People who have seemed so two-dimensional for years suddenly blossom into three dimensions and beyond.  Flowers that radiate unimaginable colors.  Colors that warm and soothe and welcome.

Maybe they always were and I just didn't see it before.  Or maybe it just took a while for them to find their wings and soar.

And you're probably one of them.  Today, may you blossom and soar!



I aspire to be a Person that You feel those kinds of good things emanate from. I Love How You never take anything for granted. :)

MaggieJo said...

That was the coolest blog post I have ever read. I'm going to copy and put it on my blog if that is okay with you, I'll give you credit. oh and by the way, you are a person I love, I did the minute you showed off your fun socks in book club. I thought, 'we could be friends' :)

Kazzy said...

I am glad to hear you have lovey-dovey feelings. I am with you on liking to be around people. It is like fuel for me to spend time with people who are different from me and have so many interesting things to contribute to the conversation.

The other day I posted about the virtues of alone time in connection with together time. But if I had to choose, I would pick together time any day of the week.

Laura said...

Excellent read! I have a new "favorite blog" to check out. I like the ideas you expressed here and sincerely hope that I somehow bring something of value to your life because you sure do to mine.

shuggy said...

i met a person yesterday (i guess it was monday) that i was in awe of. it was the mom of one of my patient's. she was in the midst of a life-changing accident with her son and she met it head on and fought it with such passion that i can't describe. she knew that her and her son's life were going to change drastically, but she kept the calmest head i've ever seen a parent ever have (or any person for that matter) and forged ahead. she was amazing. and inspired me to quit worrying about stuff that doesn't matter.

Eva Gallant said...

What a wonderful post. You are right on with the characteristics that inspire you!