Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Waste of Time

If I spend two hours playing a computer game, I get frustrated with myself.  I feel like I've wasted time. 
If my husband spends two hours playing a computer game, he considers it a good start to an evening.

So who's right?  What defines a waste of time?

I would suggest that it's possible that we are both right.

Now, my first thought is that if I don't have anything else to do then it's okay if I play on the computer.  Which implies that if I have other things to do, important things, it's not okay.

But what if I've been going and going like crazy getting things done and the computer game is restorative for me?  What if it fills my well so that I can go on?

I have a friend who is crazy busy.  He is so busy that he often barely sleeps.  He is very good at the things he does and is in high demand.  Someone always wants his time.  And he says that he is this busy because he likes it this way.  He does not watch tv.  He does not play games on the computer.  He rarely watches movies.  To him, those things are a waste of time. 

To me, being constantly busy is a waste of time if it means missing out on opportunities to just sit and think or visit with friends.

Is it possible that even when you are being productive and doing something for the greater good, you are wasting time?

And isn't it funny that the things you used to do that brought you much joy now seem like such a waste of time?  Or the other way around.  A time waster today can become a gift of sanity sometime in the future.

I'm going to be more careful about my judgmentality on this.  When someone is doing something I think is a waste of time, I'm going to think about it again.  I'm going to try to see the value in it.  I'm going to ask them what it is that they like about it.  And I'm going to be more forgiving with myself and try to see the value I'm getting when I waste time.  There is a reason I'm doing it; what am I getting out of it?

Because when something has value, can it really be a complete waste?


Kazzy said...

I have a family member that is so tightly wound that it seems dangerous. I have seen it hurt her relationships with her kids, as she always expects them to be completely engaged. I go with Brigham Young's adage of sleep 8 hrs, work 8 hrs, play 8 hrs. Movies, pleasure reading, sitting in the front yard with friends... All completely necessary for my heart and soul.

Katy said...

OOoo, I think I need that Brigham Young quote!

I was thinking just today of why I won't let myself get started on computer games. It's not because I do have something better to do, but because I have to believe that there must be something better for me to do. There must be something better to do with my life. There must be a purpose! Sounds like I need the missionaries or something, huh?

Still, your "recharging" thoughts have a lot of merit!