Friday, February 19, 2010

I Hate Shopping!

I know, I'm going to have to surrender my girl card.  I'm pretty sure I was disqualified on shoe grounds a long time ago (I only own five pairs - *gasp*).

I've never understood window shopping, unless I was doing actual research for something I was preparing to buy.  I've never understood the need to shop for therapeutic reasons; you know, retail therapy to cure a bad day.  And I do not understand the mall.

I'm not talking about grocery shopping. I don't think anyone likes that, except the overworked mother of young children who uses it as a temporary escape.

I am talking about buying things just to have more stuff or newer stuff.

I am of the wear-it-out philosophy.  It's only new for a minute.  Then it's used.  And when it's new I just worry about it; if something happens to it, it won't look new anymore.  When it's used or worn in, I'm not as concerned if someone damages it or if it gets lost or stained.

And I swear on a stack of bibles, I HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH STUFF!  I can't get rid of stuff fast enough to keep up with all that comes into my house.  Why on earth would I want to contribute to the problem by buying more stuff I don't need?

I don't actually like stuff.  I don't get joy from stuff.  I find stuff utilitarian.  If it's useful, great.  If not, I don't want it.

And yes, I know, everyone who has ever given me a gift is now saying, "Well, I won't do that again."  And that's okay.  I would so much rather we use the money to go to lunch together.  Or out for some other activity.  Even one that's free.  (I promise, they will not kick you out of America for not wanting to spend money.  They'll want to, but they won't actually do it.)

My lack of interest in stuff causes me relationship problems.  To me, the best gifts are gifts of time and effort.  I would so much rather someone clean out and wash my car than give me jewelry.  So I am afraid I don't show appreciation for tangible gifts well.  And there are people in my life who do like stuff.  For holidays and birthdays they do want stuff.  So if I make an effort to serve them and spend time with them, they still want to know where their present is.

Oh, well.  I will keep stumbling along trying not to hurt feelings and trying to stay ahead of the constant influx of stuff.  It's the world we live in and it's a tough fight.

As for shopping, I do have two weaknesses.  I could spend hours in office supply stores and hardware stores.  I love seeing all the different solutions for everyday problems.  Who knew they made something that could do that?  Seriously, put me on the hinge aisle or in the knob section and I become a kid in a candy store.

And back to the girl card, I'm not sure I was ever actually issued one.  I was too busy learning to open my own jars.


shuggy said...

i'm right there with you. i hate shopping. window shopping is so lame? why spend hours wandering around looking at stuff you will never buy? i don't get it. the only shopping i like is when i'm shopping for stamps or craft supplies. then i could do it for hours. otherwise, i'm in and out witn whatever i needed to get.

Jessica Grosland said...

Wait, you hate shopping?!? (*expression of shock*)

(*winks*) That's it. I'm never buying you a present again. From now on, I'm taking you to Sizzler every birthday. (Talk about a gift that gives back! Yum!)

Jessica Grosland said...

P.S. It's too bad your mother doesn't read your blog. Then again, you've told her that you don't want stuff and she's never believed you before, so I don't see much hope of this post stopping her.

K and D Roylance said...

Lets get together and do lunch, then we can go wander Home Depot!

Katy said...

What about Pampered Chef or, possibly, GAME STORES!

Kazzy said...

I don't hate shopping, but I DO hate collecting junk. So I am always cleaning stuff out, whether I am getting something to replace it or not. Last weekend G and I took a huge amount of stuff to DI. It felt so so good.

Thanks again for the slush last night. :)

MaggieJo said...

oh, invite me when you go to lunch with Deanne! I love lunch and home depot!

Dona said...

Office supply stores are the best! I used to have a real problem with bookstores as well until I became an employee of the library. That job has been a great boon to my budget even if I worked there for free, which I don't. (Of course last week I didn't "work" there at all.) I don't think you were actually ever issued the girl card in the first place, were you? Just the Vulcan card....