Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pet Peeves

We all have them.  Those things that really irritate us no matter who does them. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is poor etiquette at concerts and plays.  Seriously, I want to throw rocks at those in the audience.  Sometimes I get so worked up about it that I can't even enjoy the production.  I've tried to get over it, but I just can't seem to let it go.

But this post isn't about my pet peeves.  Or your pet peeves.  It's about the term and idea of pet peeves.

When I look it up in the online etymology dictionary it brings up the connection to peevish.  Peevish is an adjective that describes a person showing irritation or annoyance.  That certainly fits.  That's definitely how I feel when my husband does any one of the hundreds of things he does that annoy me.

What about pet?  Aren't pets those cute little things we bring into our lives that add joy and comfort?  Things we choose?


Sometimes they are those things that your child talked you into on a day when you just didn't have the fight left to deal with it.  Or the thing you agreed to keep thinking it would keel over dead before long.  Or that thing that was so cute when it was small and just makes a huge mess and takes a lot of work now that it's big.

One more thing to take care of.  One more thing to clean up after.  One more thing to worry about.

And I guess we do feed our pet peeves.  We do care for them and carry them around with us, nurturing them as if they were a pet.

Just something to think about.

Now, I'm off to try to overcome some of my pet peeves.  I'm starting to become the crazy cat lady with more pets than I can keep track of.  No wonder my life stinks.


Bonnie said...

You go girl. The day we stop letting our "being bugged" be about others and be about us we emerge from the finger-pointing of the garden and grow up. That is such a pet peeve of mine ... finger-pointing. ;)

Cheryl D. said...

I have a hard time shaking my pet peeves! Very cute post!

Kazzy said...

Pet peeves. Pet projects. Whatever you stroke and spend time on. And sometimes we do spend so much emotional time on what bothers us that those things become part of our character.

Dawnelle said...

I speak from my own experience-- Sometimes our pet peeves keep us from taking responsibility for our own actions. We blame the peeve we're feeling on the pet we're stroking. It's just like when kids (or adults) say "You MADE me hit you." It's something I'm trying to change--the attitude.

Allyson & Jere said...

Stopping by from SITS.
LOVE your blog title, and the world/mappy look at top. Super cool!

This is a good post. I have too many pet peeves....Must.work.on.it.

Acting Balanced Mom said...

love the post! my pet peeve is people who say one thing and do the opposite... no other pets around our house unless you count the hubby ;)

thanks for stopping by my blog earlier :)

BK said...

There will be days when our pet peeves will get the better of us. :)

Kimberly said...

Thought-provoking post! I'm trying to let mine go too, to allow the people around me to be human without getting angry about it. To pause and amusedly ponder about my more annoying characteristics and how they might peeve off others...

Michelle said...

Loved your post. I try to overlook things, but it's so hard for me sometimes, especially when they relate to family members. I love them, but those pet peeves keep wagging their tails at me.

Peace. ;)

Michelle @ greenearthbazaar.com

From Tracie said...

I have never thought about pet peeves in that way....but you are so right!

I am going to have to remember that the next time I am feeding and cuddling my unwanted "pet".

itsybitsyknitsy said...

Stopping by from SITS. I often wondered why the term pet peeves is used as well - so funny. I have a lot of them - but you just need to keep calm and let it go ahah.

Broot said...

Blogger isn't letting me post to your blog, so I've had to resort to just leaving my name and site, I think. I never thought of pet peeves that way. It's definitely something new to think about!! (I've been trying to post here for days before I remembered I could do it without using Open ID. Duh. I think I am my own pet peeve.)

Barbara said...

I enjoyed this post, and glad I found you!
I think there's a difference between pet peeves and just things that annoy the crap out of you... no, actually they are the same. So you've made me think about this! One of my biggest pet peeves is public spitting. It is disgusting and I can't stand it.
Better not get into some of my others!

Elly @ The OCD Chronicles said...

I know where you're coming from with being irritated with poor etiquette at concerts and plays. I spent 6 years of junior high and high school (and 1 year of college) heavily involved in the performing arts (mostly theatre, but also a bit of dance and choir). When I started all of this in 7th grade, we learned proper concert etiquette. I hated how no one in our audiences seemed to know about this etiquette, though. No one could just clap. There always had to be a lot of yelling and carrying on and far too much rowdiness. Drove me crazy! That and all the talking and texting and other distractions during the production. Why do these people even bother going?

Sorry to go off on a rant! I know that wasn't the point of your post. I just couldn't help myself.