Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Turning to God

My life is better today.

None of my major stresses went away.  Nothing big changed.  It was a small change.  The same one that's gotten me through a thousand other tough times.

I remembered to turn to God.

My life is always heaviest when I try to carry it alone.

Then something happens, like a reminder from a good friend, and I turn to God.  And he smiles and says, "No wonder it's so heavy; you're carrying it all wrong.  Plus, you're trying to carry all this other stuff that isn't even yours.  Let me help you figure out what you really need to carry and how it fits just right on your shoulders."

I'm grateful for a good friend that reminded me to turn to God.
I'm grateful for the power of the priesthood that allows me to receive the blessings I need in difficult times.
I'm grateful for prayer, which enables the conversations I need to have.

And I'm especially grateful for an understanding that I am doing a good job, that He is there, and that we are in this together.


Vicki M. Taylor said...

Remembering to ask God for help is a good thing. I'm glad you are turning to God for help in carrying your burdens. Be grateful for Him and he will bless you endlessly. Have a blessed day!

Bonnie said...

I have been struck for many weeks with the simple comments of Luke regarding Peter and John walking into the temple and healing the man crippled from birth. Luke just says they "looked on him." And then the thing they asked of him was that he "look on" them. The biggest thing the Lord seems to be teaching me lately is to pause and consider, to look at situations instead of running in thinking I know what needs to happen. I can't fix everything, and they didn't fix everything in that man's life. After he was healed, everything he was used to, everything he expected, had to change. And he was still poor, and perhaps unskilled, and now he couldn't beg anymore. Their help created problems in his life that I've often thought about. They just helped with one thing, and that's usually how the Savior healed. He lifted the one major barrier for people, but the rest were theirs. He has done that for me and I have learned to appreciate his faith in me to figure the rest out. And I'm learning to have faith in him and in others that I can give and receive what I'm supposed to give and receive and have faith in the rest.

MaggieJo said...

I'm so glad you found peace. It seems to me a moment of profound peace can last me a long time. May it carry you til your next moment.

Teresa said...

It seems that so many people these days have been having similar feelings about their lives. I'm glad you're finding peace in your relationship with God.

Wishing you continued Peace and Blessings.

Savvyworkinggal said...

Such a beautiful post. Glad to see you are finding your way and feeling better.

Unknown said...

I am trying to get back in good with God and it's taking some baby steps but I can do it. #SITSsharefest

Unknown said...

So glad things are looking up!

SuperMom Blues said...

Hi! Stopping in from SITS! I just wrote a post on this very thing that will be up on Monday. It is SO hard sometimes for me to let go and allow God to take the reins. But it is so amazing when I do! Thanks for this post - beautifully written and thoughtful. God bless you today!