Saturday, January 5, 2013

In the Moment

My goal for 2013 is to fully experience life more.  To see the things I've been missing.  To not just pass through life but to suck the marrow from each experience.

I'm new at this, but I've begun trying.

For my birthday my two adult daughters sent my husband and me away for the weekend.  Just a couple towns over at a motel, but it was wonderful.  As part of our weekend away they'd also provided us with tickets to The Life of Pi, a movie I'd been wanting to watch.  And this is where my experience began.

It started out as a normal night at the movies.  We got snacks.  We found our seats.  We watched the previews.  I was there to watch a movie.  That's all.

But it became more.  The movie was so beautiful visually.  It was eye candy.  Many scenes like something out of a fairy tale.  As I was marvelling at the colors and effects that made it so magical, I remembered to see.

At first I was seeing the movie.  The details.  The texture.  The flavor of the film.  The movie was delicious.

But then I was seeing the moment.  With more senses than just my eyes.  I was seeing it with my heart.  My arm was laced through my husband's arm.  I noticed the feeling of his skin on mine as I rested my hand on his forearm, the tingle I still get when we touch.  I felt the shape of the muscle as he turned his hand.  And the outside of my arm was resting against his stomach.  I noticed each slow breath.  In and out in such a mundane way.  Something that happens over and over.  But in this moment I noticed the power of what that meant.  That meant my husband was healthy.  He was filled with the breath of life.  He was at peace, as shown by the slow tempo of his relaxed breathing.  I felt the heat of his body warming mine through the simple touch of our arms.  I knew he was happy to be there with me.  We were together in a very real way.  We were sharing a moment and I was seeing that moment.

You might think noticing these things distracted me from the movie, but it didn't.  It enhanced it.  It was like turning up the brightness.  The colors were stronger.  The glory was more intense.  The fairy tale nature of the moment with my husband slipped into the fairy tale of the movie.  The peace and joy of the moment brought contentment.  Which fit with the nature of the main character as he told his story.  He radiated peace.  He was happy in his life.  He was content.  And so was I.

Pi and I were together in that moment.  Both in the moment we were meant to occupy.  And filling up every bit of the space within it.  I can't wait to learn more.


Create With Joy said...

I've been reading your last few posts and how beautifully inspiring they've been!

To See... What a wonderful thought - I think it's the first time I have seen this expressed! And I love that 2012 was the year of Kindness for you.

I'd love for you to share your posts at both our One Word 2013 Blog Hop & Friendship Friday if you have the chance. Different people visit different places and truly, what you've written is too beautiful to miss!

Happy New year to you, Miss Robin!

Create With Joy

Susan Cook said...

sounds like a wonderful time at the movies.

Thanks for stopping by my blog xoxo

Hope Reid said...

Wow! I totally get it. It's as if thinks move in slow motion and everything is amplified. That's what taking the time to see, be present and feel the moment. absolutely love it. Thanks for the very inspiring post.

Maggie S. said...

Stopping back by from SITS. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful goal! I want to see things that way. Inspiring post.

Bonnie said...

I'm glad you had a great slice of Pi, and life.

Blond Duck said...

I heard it was a beautiful movie, but you make it sound magical!

Bev Feldman said...

This was a beautiful post, and what a great movie to experience being in the present!

Kate said...

What a beautiful post. I loved the movie too... visual poetry. Have you read the book? I recommend it :)

Chris Carter said...

I LOVE this message and this powerful post!!! Here's to a new year full of time well spent, my friend!! IN the moment.