Friday, December 7, 2012

Simple Joys: My Bed

I was the only girl in my family, so I was the outlet for anything feminine for my mom.  Decorating.  Shopping.  Clothes.  Whatever.  And that's why I grew up with a beautiful canopy bed.  Dark wood.  Yellow and white canopy, bedspread, and pillow sham.  It was beautiful.  With or without the canopy, it was the only bed I used from the time I was four until I got married.

When we first got married we tried using his twin mattresses and my twin mattresses to make a bed on the floor.  That didn't work out very well so we ended up buying some very used queen mattresses (kind of gross now that I think about it).  We were grateful for them, even on the floor. 

Through the years we got a frame, a headboard, new mattresses, and eventually a big beautiful bed.

This bed was glorious!  Queen size mattresses, but the bed itself was larger than a king size.  I remember when we saw it on the showroom floor.  Dark red wood.  Very regal.  Throne-like.  Imperial.  I liked it; my husband loved it.  Then we got it home and realized our bedroom was no where near as big as a showroom floor.  It fit, but there wasn't much room to spare.

It kind of became an albatross around my neck over the years.  But my husband still loved it so we kept it and just tried to arrange the room around it.

A few years ago when we decided we needed separate rooms, I wanted him to have that bed.  But his room is in the basement and there is just no way it would fit.  So I kept the bed I didn't really like because it seemed the practical thing to do.

And then I finally came to a place where I was ready to be true to myself, practical or not.  I didn't want the bed.  I still wanted to use my queen mattresses, but wanted something much less gaudy.  Something you could barely tell was there.  And I remembered an old bed in my parents' basement.  My bed.  My first bed.  The one before the canopy bed.

It's iron, painted white.  Chipped.  It was a full-size when I had it as a small child.  At some point it had been given to a neighbor who promised to give my parents first dibs if they ever got rid of it.  A few years ago they were ready and contacted my mom.  She said she'd love to have it back.  And it turns out that they'd altered it so it was now queen size.

My parents used it for a while in a spare room, for when family visited.  But they have since downsized and didn't have a place for it.  It was just being stored.

My mom was thrilled when I asked for it.  I think it belonged to a great-aunt or something (the story is debated).  And it's perfect.  A supportive iron frame connected to a sparse, white iron headboard and footboard.  Almost invisible in the room.  And I recently acquired a chenille bedspread similar to the one I remember stroking as I lay on it as a child.  It brings me tender joy every time I see it.

Fortuitous, destiny, divine intervention.  However it came to be, I'm just glad to have my bed back.


2busy said...

And, it sounds like it brings you back to a good place. My bed is my favorite place, especially at the end of a busy day...I just melt in.

Bonnie said...

I love it when things come full circle! And it's great to have a bed that you cherish. Mine is a queen turned sideways with a king headboard - so it looks like an oversized day bed. It has tons of pillows and I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We should all have something like that. And glad you have your chenille bedspread. I love touchy-feely fabrics. :)

Michelle said...

Sleep is an important part of your life! You have to have a comfy bed and a serene place to do it. Glad it worked out!

Kim@Co-Pilot Mom said...

It's it wonderful tat the bed came back to you! Beds and sleep are so important!

Sheila Skillingstead said...

Why do bedrooms have to get so small? I would love my bedroom to have a chair and a table and a lamp. No such luck cause no such floor space. Enjoy your new/old bed. I really enjoyed the post. Later I will go back and follow the link about separate bedrooms.

doseofreality said...

It sounds like the perfect bed! :) I am so glad you have it back again!

Jill from PJgamers said...

In our second apartment, we aquired a king-sized bed....and had to stuff it into the bedroom. I think there was a 2 foot clearance on 3 sides...but then we had to stuff in a dresser, too.
I love that you got your bed back. I had a bed that was just mine growing up and it brings me a lot of comfort when I see it in the guest room.

Francesca said...

Really funny story! I like how you were able to get your old bed back! I have one old bed in storage right now since it does not fit in the room I'm renting, but will definitely get it back as soon as possible!Thank you for sharing and enjoy your old/new bed!

Felipa Barela said...

I always believed that a bedroom is the one place where we can relax and escape from the stresses of everyday life. It can be the simplest of rooms with barely any décor; as long as there’s a comfortable bed for me to lie in at the end of the day, it’ll be the perfect space. Having said that, I’m glad that you got the bed you wanted. :)