Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Snips, Spice, Sugar, Snails - An Introduction

Gender.  What does that mean to you?  Does it inspire questions or debate in your mind?  How often do you find yourself thinking about it or discussing it?  How often do you reference it?  How much does it affect your life and how you interact with those around you?

I've been pondering gender a lot lately.  And I have some thoughts.  Some things to say.  Some practices to question.  Maybe some pots to stir.

But I have too many thoughts for one post.  So I have decided to do a series of posts on the subject of gender.

I am not a fan of stirring controversy.  Really, I usually like to keep my political and religious beliefs to myself.  I do not feel a need to convince others to believe what I believe.

But I imagine that my beliefs may color some of what I say.  So I guess I better get some of them out in the open.

I believe we existed before we came to this earth.  I believe that gender was part of who we were then.  I don't believe we came to earth as a girl or boy because God assigned that to us; I believe we came as whatever we were before.  If you are a girl on earth, I believe you were a girl before earth.

I also believe there are some really big questions about gender and gender-related issues that I don't know the answers to.  Things I have thought about, studied, and prayed about that I am still unsure of.  There are things I haven't taken a position on.

There are generalities.  And there are exceptions.  There are assumptions.  And there are truths.

There is love.  And hate.  And fear.  And confusion.

And I want to talk about some of these.

This post is part of an on-going series on gender issues.  If you would like to continue this thread, go here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Robin. :)

Anonymous said...

I believe that covers the gender of our spirits. I think our bodies have strengths and discrepancies that make living as a male or a female different for each person. I think culture makes it even harder to live how you were born. The mortal body and the time we spend with it are flawed and we are here to learn to deal with our flaws, now matter if they relate to gender, emotions, intelligence, geography, culture, politics, oppression, freedom, disease, education, parents, neighbors, friends anything that can make your life better or worse. You were meant to met that challenge and overcome it in this mortal life. Some challenges seem unfair to us mortals, but maybe we don't know all the rules of the game.

Rubye Jack said...

Gender is a funny thing. I would like to think it makes no difference, but it clearly does in our world. Still, I wish it didn't make a difference.

Day said...

I am all sorts of interested in your thoughts on this. I've been thinking about it a lot too, and I've realized how messed up my deep-down assumptions are. . .