Monday, October 31, 2011

Thank You for Touching My Life

The other day I was privileged to participate in a two-day activity for our church youth group called Youth Conference.  Over the course of those days there were many activities, from physical to spiritual.

One of those activities involved a partner.  Everyone in the room partnered with someone else.  We stood facing each other, within about half an arms reach.  Then we followed instructions as led by the speaker.  The last instruction really got me.  "Look this person in the eye and imagine what you would say to them if this were the last time you were ever going to see them.  Tell them."

I was caught off guard by the emotion this evoked in me.  My partner was a lady from our neighborhood who has become a good friend of mine.  She has been supportive and understanding in a way most people aren't.  She truly cares about me and doesn't hide it.  She is genuine. 

And in that moment I truly thought about losing her.  My eyes welled up with tears.  I had difficulty speaking clearly.  And I thanked her for touching my life.  If we were never to see each other again, I would want her to know she made a difference.  And I am grateful.

I am grateful for many things.  I live in a time and place where most of life's basic hardships aren't a factor.  I have food, shelter, heat, money, a bed, clothes, electricity, clean running water, access to health care.  I have so many things that so many people in the world don't have.  And I am grateful for those things, even though I don't notice them most days.

But what I do notice are the people in my life.  I notice them every day.  I feel their impact every day.  They shape who I am.  They enrich my existence.  They are the whipped cream that makes my life sweeter.  They are the duct tape that keeps me together when I am falling apart.

I am incredibly blessed to have had so many wonderful people touch my life at one time or another.  And I am grateful for all of them.  For the ones who are still around and the ones who just passed through.

To all of you -- thank you for touching my life.  I am better for it.


Bonnie said...

What a powerful activity. I remember reading a study once about trustbuilding, in which a group of strangers were placed in pairs and were to go through a series of personal questions. Their results validated their assumptions about sharing and trustbuilding, but the surprise was how many of the pairs later married! We are all made better through connection. What a cool experience!

Tiffany said...

Holy moley. That would be very powerful...and upsetting...but would also make you appreciate what you have with that person.

Margaret Almon said...

I too am blessed to have friends that I am incredibly grateful for!

Mary said...

Your post made my morning making me grateful for some wonderful people that I know.

Ms Bibi said...

Beautiful and emotional many people walk around every day and take those little things for granted....things that we should be grateful for.

People are such an important piece of our life. When we moved I was lost and looking for a best friend for years...once I found her my life completely changed and so did I.

Alexandra Rose said...

This is such a lovely post, you sound like a very compassionate person and that's such a nice quality. I used to think about that as a kid whenever my mum went out 'maybe that was the last time I'll ever see her, does she know I love her?' (yea I was a pretty weird kid) and I can confidently say that everyone in my life knows how much I love and appreciate them. Everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated.

Misty said...

New to your blog. Love how you write with such an authentic honesty... I look forward to reading more!