Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Celebrity Dinner

You know that question, "If you could have dinner with anyone (alive or dead) who would you choose?"  Have you ever answered that question?  The possibilities are incredible.

I've thought about this question many times.  I'm not really big on celebrities, so it probably wouldn't be one of them.  I do like deep thinkers.  I've thought about Mother Theresa, the Dali Lama, Einstein.  And Jesus.  Who wouldn't want to spend time with Jesus?

But none of these would be my choice.

My choice would be my grandma.  She was the greatest influence for good in my life.  She was the person who made me believe in myself.  She always made me feel important.  And loved.  And valued.

And I miss her.

At first I think I would want her to cook so that I could taste those moments of joy again.  Those dishes that no one else makes like she did.  That little bite of heaven.

Then I think I would want to cook for her, to repay her.  To show her that I was listening to the things she taught me.  To share something wonderful I discovered.

Eventually I realize it doesn't matter.  We wouldn't need to eat.  That really has nothing to do with the idea of this dinner.

We would be together.  We would talk.  I could tell her about all the difficult things in my life.  She could point out the ways they've helped me to grow.  I could tell her about all the wonderful things in my life.  She could help me recognize God's hand in them.

And I would listen so much more.

So much of my life with her was while I was young and so self-centered.  I wish I'd allowed her to talk more.  I'm sad about the parts of her I don't know because I was worried about my own life.  My time spent with her was before I really knew how to slow down and just be in that moment.

But even if I went on and on, she would radiate love.  She would be glad to be with me, too.  And when it was time to go she would tell me how much she loved me.  She would tell me to be good.  And as she hugged me she would give me those rapid, successive kisses on my cheek.

I want to be like her when I grow up.


Jessica Grosland said...

This is a very sweet post. I'm glad you had someone like her in your life, to give you exactly what you needed without you even realizing it.

Also, your banner is fantastic!

Danielle said...

Well said. I have an aunt like that who died last year. I miss her. When I try to picture Heavenly Father greeting me, I imagine how my aunt always did with so much joy and welcome. That's how I want it to be.

It's so wonderful that we have had someone like that in our lives. It inspires me to be that kind of a grandma. Sometime in the near future would be good. If only my Holly was more motivated to start her family. ;)

Love your banner, too. I think your therapist is there--He's just not visible. ;)

Bonnie said...

I love the idea that the real celebrities of our lives are incredibly present, and I love the choice to honor them instead of someone we don't know, and whose contributions to our lives are less profound (with the exception of Jesus, of course.) It's good for our souls to look at the people who've given to us so profoundly and to strive to become like them. Gratitude purifies. I think you will be like her as a grandma. You sure do give to those little bundles of imperfection whom you've had the chance to love.

Rubye Jack said...

Like you, I don't find celebrities that interesting. Although, I would like to spend time with Doris Lessing, the author. She was such a role model for me through her books.

Anonymous said...

Love. Love. Love the banner. :D And such an awesome post! I've never thought about it before... who I would have dinner with or anything. I love your choice. Very sweet and powerful sentiment. :)

Sublime Dream said...

before I forget- I LOVE your banner!

Ok, so I LOVE this! :) reminds me of the song, "one more day". The good thing is that Jesus can be with you always! ;) lol but I know.... In the flesh is different! :)

I was the same way about my grandpa. Only he wasn't the cuddly kissey type. I THOUGHT he was mean. He passed when I was 17. Just like you, I wish I could talk to him now. I've had a major paradigm shift on how I see him now!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

What a beautiful post. What we wouldn't give for one last moment, huh?

Thanks for popping by the Fibro today.

Leesha said...

What a great post.. I have thought about that question before and would have to agree with you on the grandparent aspect... I never met my moms dad (he did when she was young). I would love just to MEET him.

Kennedi Rose @ Face and Fitness said...

If I could have a time machine, I'd love to watch my grandparents as they raised my parents (when my parents were 3, 4, 5, 6 years old).

Leslie said...

Good call! The great minds and doers of the ages might be interesting, but connecting with your roots is so much more personal and touching.

SisterSister said...

This was a great post. To be able to have a dinner with a much loved, long-lost relative would be great.

hi from sits

Allison said...

You know, I miss both my grandmothers so much. They were so influential I gave my daughter a terribly long, terribly Southern double name just to honor them both. I think I would pick them, too.

Victoria said...

Beautiful Post. I completely agree, I would love to have a dinner with my grandma.