Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why Celebrate?

I am here to admit that I just do not understand celebrating.

The first time I went to therapy, my therapist told me to celebrate the good work I'd done.  I was absolutely clueless.

Since that day, I've pondered the idea of celebrating.  Is it really important?  Am I the only person in the world who just doesn't get it?

I don't really have any answers.

Planning celebrations is tough for me.  I guess in my head a celebration is meant to be a happy time.  A time when there is so much joy that it must come out.  And my moods and health are so variable that I just can't predict that I'll feel that way when the time comes.

No matter how wonderful the event.  No matter how much I love the person/people involved.  Sometimes I am just not in a celebratory mood.  I can't just turn it on and off like others seem to be able to.

But I have found my own kind of celebration.  I don't necessarily celebrate like others do.  On the big holidays.  With a trip or a party.  Those days are usually more quiet celebrations if I have anything to say about it.

I celebrate moments.  If I have the chance to be with a good friend, I rejoice and revel in the moment.  If it has been a really great day, I am elated.  I celebrate little things.

The big things are too pre-programmed for my taste.  Too packaged.  Too mundane.  Too everyone-else-does-this.  They can be fun enough but they don't touch my soul.

A text from a friend to check on me because he knows I've been having a tough time.  Hearing that one of my friends had something wonderful happen in her life.  Seeing my children do well at something and be truly proud of themselves.  These are the moments I celebrate.

I've been known to decide to celebrate out of the blue. 

Let's go get ice cream.  Why?  Because I'm happy today and I adore you guys.

Let's spend an entire day on an Alice in Wonderland marathon.  Why?  Because we are such good friends and I am so happy about it.  I want to do something with you that I couldn't really do with anyone else.

Let's spend the whole day in our pajamas.  Why?  Because it's the first day we have had no commitments.  Because the entire day is ours.

I celebrate the moments.  In unusual ways.  Because that's where I find joy.


LaNiece DeFreese said...

You made me think about how I celebrate. With the big holidays, which I do love, the celebration part is sometimes hard for me, because there are expectations, and I may not be in the mood to do all the work required of me to meet those expectations. I love the way you celebrate the little things. I am thinking about the spontaneous moments in my own life, and those are truly joyful.

MaggieJo said...

I like to celebrate. But I might like the idea of celebrations more than the actually thing. But I know I love the celebrations you are talking about. Nothing bets a good day or a night of laughter with games, friends, family.

Just Another Person said...

I like to celebrate whenever there is something I to celebrate about. I usually celebrate on my own or with my wife. We love drinking and eating so we go out to bars or restaurant by ourselves. I celebrate small things too! Like if I can stay in good mood for a whole day, or sometimes even just celebrate to the end of the day. I love drinking beer at the end of the day!!! Too bad I can't drink right now because of my medication for anxiety...

keep celebrating!

Kristen said...

I love celebrating the little things. Isn't that what is really important in life anyway?

Jessica Grosland said...

I like to celebrate with a glass of strawberry milk. It's my non-alcoholic toast to a job well done. Also, it's delicious.

Cheryl D. said...

That sounds like a really wonderful way to celebrate to me! You're right, we often get caught up in the "big" deals that are often not very fun. During my single days, I finally stopped going out to big New Year's Eve parties. You know, the kind you pay at least $50 to attend. The food is awful. The place is over-crowded. It's just not much fun. I started just getting together with some close friends instead! It's much more fun!

Running Circles said...

2 Thumbs Up!

mangiabella said...

stopping by from SITS :) - I love to celebrate the little things and have been swimming in the splendor of simplicity these days - even the big celebrations we do are simple and filled with just the joy of being with the people we love (my husband and I have never exchanged gifts with each other for birthdays, anniversaries, or christmas in the 14 years we have been married - instead we do something special together, even as simple as a picnic in the park) - come by and visit me anytime at mangiabella :) - my last post is quite silly but the previous posts are heartfelt indeed - have a glorious day sweet bella