Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another Reason to Hate Stephanie Meyer

As if you needed another reason.  As if the swooning teen girls (and far too many of their mothers) were not reason enough.  As if rewriting the myth of vampires to suit her needs was not enough.  As if the fact that her shallow and salacious writing gets compared to -- I'm so ashamed to even say this -- Harry Potter with all its depth and development and, um, intelligence was not enough.

May I just say that even with all of that, I think there is a more important reason to feel disdain and loathing for the woman (or maybe it's her people, but still her fault).

She and the Twilight franchise have completely and unabashedly hijacked the red-black-white color scheme.

These used to be classy colors.  Colors you wear to a formal ball.  Colors of a contemporary wedding reception.  Even really hot lingerie.

But not now.  Now red-black-white means vampires.  Mainly one vampire trying not to eat his girlfriend, the love of his life.

"When he looks at me with those eyes, and I know he wants to kill me but won't, that's how I know he loves me."

Come on!  Really?  This is love?

I'm not going into a full rant about Twilight here.  There's just not enough time or exclamation points for my true feelings.

But I will not surrender red-black-white to her.  I will not let those colors make me see the black cover, pale hands, and red apple (as in forbidden fruit -- duh).

When I see those colors I am determined that I will see Victoria's Secret on Valentine's Day.  And I will feel good about it.  So there.


Kazzy said...

I dug out an old red, black and white purse a few days ago, and now I am using it! Look out!

Yeah, that line about love....? Yikes. Edward isn't the only thing that sucks in this book. The dialogue is right up there.


LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D This is an AWESOME blog entry, Robin! You will be proud that I have not even touched the books or movies. I am basically the only one I know that hasn't. ;-)

Dona said...

Very impressive rant. Well articulated as always. Did you watch the SNL skit yet. Seriously, one of the best ones ever.

Bonnie said...

Have had the Stephanie Meyer Rant myself as well. Ain't nobody hijacking my red/black/white.

But can I just add one more ounce of incredulity? WHAT is up with women that cold, dangerous, emaciated, thwarted, and perpetually 17 is appealing? To 40-year old women?? Scary. Someone has hihacked the female consciousness. Yuk. Give it back.

Yarell said...

I couldn't NOT comment on this one. I love vampires. I love old-school vampires. I've watched the movies just because they have vampires. I'll never read the books.

I don't like what she's done to the mythos (sparkles, really?), but i do like the red-headed vampire chick. She's the only interesting character in the movies so far!

Oh wait, this was about colors .. hmm. ya, i like those colors too :)

Anonymous said...

ME TOOO. :D Oh goodness, thank you thank you thank you. :) Poor Erin wanted those to be her wedding colors...

Luann said...

Don't get me started on Twilight... I just don't get it.

Katy said...

What you guys have to understand (yes, I will try to explain this once again!) is that Twilight takes a literary symbol (vampires) and turns it on its head -- and does so very successfully. That quote "When he looks at me with those eyes, and I know he wants to kill me but won't, that's how I know he loves me."
-- is the crux of the whole matter. The vampire represents seduction, the stealing of a young woman's innocence, the end of sexual purity. EXCEPT in this book you have vampires who choose to go against their nature and not kill. It says, "You may really want a girl you see sitting next to you in science class, but you can resist, and when you do so, it does show real love." Would you at least think about it??? It is a cool metaphor!

Plus, the book is really fun.

You can be mad about red, black, and white, though. I'm okay with that.

DaisyGal said...

I'm here because I saw you over at Alexis' blog.
This is the first post of yours I've read and I think we should be BEST FRIENDS...seriously. This is absolutely ON THE MARK. I don't like the vampire stuff, I dont' get it, I don't like it and it isn't romantic to me...not even a little.

thanks for making my day!!! :)
(oh and Harry Potter is one of my favorites...too)

SoMo Mom said...

Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I like the books. NOT the movies, but I did get sucked into the books. However, I'll join the bandwagon and say the color thing is a bit ridiculous. And I am jealous I didn't have a dream that made me millions.
Also, thanks for visiting on my sits day! I think I'm am still reeling from the blog "love"...
Steph from

The Erin said...

Whatevs, Beth. That mess is still gon' be my wedding colors. I'm not letting Twilight ruin my sexy wedding masquerade, bro.