Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Name is Robin and I'm a Trekkie

All chorus, "Hi, Robin."

"It's been a week since my last episode.  It might have been two or three episodes.  Okay, it was lots of episodes and a movie.  I'm so ashamed!"

*sobs into cupped hands*

Sometimes I'm a social Trekkie; others are watching and I find myself watching with them.  Other times I'm a closet Trekkie.  I watched all 172 episodes of Star Trek: Voyager in a two week period and no one knew.

Not really.  I mean, I really did watch all of Voyager in a two week period, but people knew.

I am a Trekkie, but I am not really ashamed of it.

Compared to "normal"  people (non-Star Trek people; the Star Trek version of a muggle) I would be considered pretty geeky.  I own all of The Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, the movies, and one season of Deep Space Nine (this one didn't grab me as much).  I own a bunch of action figures.  I own the customizable card game.  I own a plethora of books, because when they aren't making any more shows you get a "new episode" fix in a book.

But compared to Trekkers, the more serious end of the spectrum, I barely qualify as a Star Trek fan at all.  I have never been to a convention.  I have not staged a recreation of a Star Trek scene in any form:  live action, clay, action figures, pets.  I have never named a child or even a pet after a Star Trek character.  I have never written an episode or fan fiction.  And I do not have the schematics of any version of the Enterprise memorized.

But I do like Star Trek.  I like its hopefulness about the future.  I like the way it tackled tough social issues.  But mostly, I like it because it makes me think.  I don't like entertainment that is just fluff.  I want to think.  I want to puzzle.  I want to have a challenge to solve.  I like figuring things out.

And I like imagination.  Star Trek is nothing if not imagination.  (Sorry, Trekkers.  It's not real.)

I am exposing my children to Star Trek and will let them choose for themselves. (Choose wisely, little ones.)  I will hold my head up high and proclaim myself a Trekkie for all to see. 

Let the mocking begin!


K and D Roylance said...

I like Star Trek too! I grew up on daydreaming about Captain Kirk, but really like Picard's character as an adult. I am not ashamed!!

Jessica Grosland said...

I fell in love with a Star Trek character: the ever-attractive Tom Paris. I loved him when he was a young rebel, I loved watching him desperately try to woo B'elanna Torres and then become completely shocked when she actually fell for him. I loved him as a faithful husband and a father. Basically, he's a dreamboat.

Also I love the Doctor, because he sings opera and is trying to discover himself.

Also I love Beverly Crusher, Captain Picard, Mr. Spock, Wesley Crusher (yes, him too.), Data, Dr. McCoy, Dr. Bashir, Dax, Harry Kim, Neelix, Mr. Tuvok, Seven of Nine, Guinnan, and . . . okay, I love pretty much seventy percent of all Star Trek characters.

So, there you go. I wish I had a Star Trek Uniform. I would wear it to work, where they already call me Lieutenant Sika.

My boss rocks.

Kazzy said...

I have memories of my dad watching the original series. I would walk through the room and think, "You can't be serious." But I am a late bloomer in this area, and now find that I enjoy it quite a bit. Thoughtful story lines, cool character development.

Katy said...

One of my brother's little boys is named Scott Tiberius.

And next time that you're watching Voyager all week long, I expect an invitation!

Anonymous said...

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