Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coffee Talk

I have a deficiency.  A need, if you will.  I need a neighborhood coffee shop.

Okay, not really a coffee shop.  I don't actually drink coffee.  But I need something like it.  I need a place where I can go and just be.  Alone, with a friend, or with a group of friends.  A place to just be.  Neutral territory.  No time limit and no tasks to complete.  A place to think or to visit.  A place to share or to plan.

I imagine that there are a few places like this around.  But I have not found them.  I have tried many to see if they fit.  Some are okay, others a wreck.  Not one of them is just right.

Finding a place to ponder alone is generally a little easier, especially in good weather.  A park.  The mountains.  The library.  The museum.  My car.

A place for visiting with friends is a little more difficult.  Again, good weather opens up more opportunities.  And if you want to share a meal, there are many choices.  But what if you just want to share each other's company?  A small snack or drink and lots of conversation.  How do you do that?

There's something to be said for meeting somewhere.  Out.  Not at each other's houses or the local Hogi Yogi.  Somewhere with atmosphere.  Somewhere relaxing.  Somewhere comfortable.

And then once I find the place, I have to convince others of the value of taking time doing nothing.  Just being together.  Sharing a space.  Experiencing each other's thoughts and feelings.

But I guess I'd better stick to one thing at a time.  On with the hunt!


Anonymous said...

Like Facebook with chairs and Dr. Pepper with the good ice.

Luann said...

I could go for a Central Perk kind of spot somewhere around here. Maybe we should start looking for a really awesome sofa and open a hot chocolate shop.

Kazzy said...

Maybe the new Magleby's coming to the Trivani bldg will be a good spot. I like book stores for this kind of thing too. Barnes and Noble has a nice vibe.

Cannon Hamaker said...

Right there with ya, but throw in a playland, surrounded by a soundproof glass, so I can't hear the screams.

shuggy said...

coffee shops serve more than just coffee! starbucks makes a mean hot chocolate!

Katy said...

I'm with Luann on this one. I'd like a place with sofas instead of sticky tables and wobbly chairs. We could open up a chocolate version of that place they always hang out with on Friends. It'd be a cozy place to go on a date, too!