Monday, November 30, 2009

You're Grounded!

Alright, so maybe you aren't grounded.  But I am.  And I love it.

A major road into and out of town has been closed for about a year for construction.  It was frustrating and inconvenient.  There were so many places that it was now incredibly difficult and convoluted to get to.  There has been much griping, moaning, and gnashing of teeth over the whole affair.

So when the road reopened a little earlier than expected, there was much rejoicing (Huzzah!).  Everyone was so excited to use the new road.  And it is a beautiful road, let me tell you.

But my joy was not full until I drove on the road back into town.  You see, I grew up here.  And that road has special meaning to me.  Year after year, trip after trip.  That road welcomed me home.  Crossing the overpass into town is like walking into a warm hug for me.

You see, I am grounded in Springville.  We are a part of each other.  Through all the chaos, the heart wrenching times, Springville was the strength beneath my feet.

As I drive through Springville, memories wash over me like a healing rain.  I see my old schools.  The houses I used to live in.  The parks I played at.  The ball diamonds where I felt powerful.

And better yet, I see the homes of those who touched my life.  I see my band director's home.  And I remember his love for me.  I see my bishop's home.  And remember his love for me.  I see the homes of relatives, teachers, friends, and so many others who made me who I am.  And most of all, I see my grandmother's home.  The most heavenly, welcoming place I've ever been.  I remember her love for me and my love for her and I am complete.  I am good enough.  In fact, I am wonderful.

So, I would like to say to my pioneer ancestors who chose to settle here, thank you so much!  Thank you for giving me Springville.  Because no matter how much it's changed or grown, it's still my home -- and it will always be in my heart.


DarthBillgr said...

All I can say is Amen! And thank you Robin for making Springville my home as well.

Katy said...

Wow! See, when you're feeling down, you just need to go out and take a drive! Easy!

I have to say, I don't quite feel the same driving into Las Vegas. . . (where I grew up!

Kazzy said...

The ground here in Springville is soft and rich and easy to sink roots into.

We are in our 16th year here. Unreal.

Jessica Grosland said...

I'd just like to make it clear that no matter how desperate I am to get out of Utah and see the real world (VERY desperate, in case you wondered) I admit that Springville is and will always be my Shire. A place of simple pleasures to come home to after the adventure.

Anonymous said...

I love LAS VEGAS! And I am homesick for Houston. Springville is cute, but it doesn't work for me.